I grew up in Birmingham and although I always loved art at school, especially sketching animals, it wasn't until I moved to Bournemouth that I became more passionate about it. I  studied Fine Art at Bournemouth Arts Institute and it was there that I became interested in painting the random shapes that I saw in decay. In 2011 I moved to Brighton to be with my husband and I have grown to love the city. 

My art has changed over the years but I am still fascinated by random shapes. When I paint I like to use different media in a loose way to create patterns and movement, I then look for the shapes that interest me and outline them to create forms. I love texture and shine and will layer different effects, highlighting the parts that interest me the most. Stain glass windows influence my art , I love their jewel like essence, and I will use glass paint and nail varnish, in vibrant colours, in my work.

I have recently qualified as a counsellor and although I still love to paint animals,  this has led to me also painting portraits, trying to evoke emotion into what I create. I see painting as a process for me, similar to counselling in a way. 

When people look at my art I hope the image and vibrant colours will draw the viewer to it initially, then as they get closer the marks and process hold their interest. I want to involve them in my journey, to see the shapes and textures that have excited me along the way too. 



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