I grew up in Birmingham and although I always loved art at school, especially sketching animals, it wasn't until I moved to Bournemouth that I became more passionate about it. I  studied Fine Art at Bournemouth Arts Institute and it was there that I became interested in painting the random shapes that I saw in decay. In 2011 I moved to Brighton to be with my husband and I have grown to love the city. 

My art has changed over the years but I am still fascinated by random shapes. When I paint I like to use different media in a loose way to create patterns and movement, I then look for the shapes and outline them to create forms. I love texture and shine and I will layer different effects, highlighting the parts that interest me the most. Its my process , my therapy. 

I work as a counsellor and I feel that this is now directing my art.  I find people inspirational, seeing how they can come through challenges in life and achieve so much. The faces of icons are painted so often and can be all we see, I like to know about the life behind the face.


During my work I also see how individual every person is. We all look different, think differently, and have come through different experiences. My jigsaw people experiences paintings are of us individuals, coming together in moments of magic,  where differences don't matter. Vibrant, shiny people. 



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